Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What is collaboration?

Talofa lava blogger, today in cyber smart we had to collaborate with each other on one doc. Then after that we had to go on this google drawing and we had to type what we think collaboration means and what it actually means, we also had to putt in a link to a video about some tips on how to collaborate on a google doc. Last of all we had to give you 5 rules on collaborating. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, September 1, 2017

How to care for chicks

Malo lelei  bloggers, what you'll be reading is a explanation text about how to care for chicks. Hope you enjoy. 

How to care for chicks.
Chicks are cute little  versions of chickens and roosters. How chicks are made, chicks are made by a hen and a rooster they come from a special egg that is called a, fertilized egg. It also takes 21 days for them to hatch. If you don’t know what chicks are then this explanation text will tell you all about chicks and how to care for them.
If you get fertilized eggs and there isn’t a hen, then you’ll need to get an incubator. An incubator is a machine that keeps the eggs warm and moist. How the incubator keeps the eggs warm. In the incubator on the bottom there is a water witch keeps the eggs moist, there is also a heating element and a fan which creates heat and heat plus moisture= humidity. Humidity is a good thing because it keeps the eggs warm and it also helps the chicks find it easier to hatch.

The next step is to wait very patiently for the eggs to hatch, because the eggs might not hatch. While you wait the eggs will probably have little cracks on it, and they also might hatch on the 20th day or the 21st day.

 The brooder
Once the eggs have hatched you can finally put them in this box that’s called a brooder, the brooder is like a little chicken hen but for chicks. You can only move the chicks when they are fluffy and dry they also have to go into the brooder with a buddy. In the brooder there is a 60 w bulb/heat lamp, water bell, food bowl,wood shavings,and newspaper.

                            The conclusion
So overall being a chick guarding is not easy work. But I hope this explanation text will help you out. Are you up for the challenge.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Camp 2017

On Wednesday I woke up at 6:00 to get ready for camp, when I cheeked that I got everything packed i went down stairs to have breakfast. When I got to school we had to get into our groups and then listen to the speaker. After the speaker finished talking we all stood up and went outside group by group to get into the Double-Decker bus. when we all got into the Double-Decker bus I went to the top with my friend. when the bus finally  drove away from school  we were all happy and exited. One thing that I remember on the bus was when we were going under the tunnel and we all thought that the bus was going to hit the tunnel but we were all wrong the bus went though. after a few hours we finally made it ti MERC. The first thing we got to do was meeting the instructors like Kaff, Dave, Jazz, and T, after meeting the instructors we did some team building in our groups my group was team Rua, one of my favorites was the marshmallow game. After team building we all had some morning tea, Then we all went to the other side of long bay and did some survival things like building shelters and making warm drinks. When we were making the shelters my team won. There were more fun things at camp like, Body Boarding, Sailing, Stack'em, Giant's ladder, Rocky shores, and more fun and exciting activities.

Hope you enjoyed a little recap on Hay Parks school camp to MERC. Please leave a comment on what activity that you would enjoy if you were there.

Blog you later

Friday, June 23, 2017

Mango Lassi tutorial

My trip to Tonga

 Malo e lelei bloggers,

On the 30th of May I went on a plane to the beautiful, Kingdom of Tonga. The reason I went to Tonga was because it was my mums Tonga high school Reunion. It was also my family reunion, it was so fun because we got  to do fun things like go to the beach and other fun stuff. The sad bit was that it was only for 4 days 😞. My cousin and I would play cards all day until it was time to go home and see each other tomorrow. Since it was only for 4 days i'm going to tell you what we did in the 4 days. On the first day all we did was have lunch at the base house. We also got our family reunion t-shirts. The next morning some of us went to the cemetery to see the some of the deceased family members. After that we went back to base to have lunch, lunch was prepaid by my two uncles. After lunch we all went home and got ready for our Aloha night. Aloha night was so fun because we got to eat, play, and dance. My favorite day was the third day because we went to Samaletin Beach. I  went with my aunty, my uncle, and my grandma. It was a long way to the beach, so I mostly fell asleep on the way there. When we got there some of our family members were already there. While we were waiting for the rest of the family members we would all play cards and eat some snacks and go swimming. On the last day ☹ we went to church and then after that we had lunch at base. while we were all waiting for the food, I would play cards with my cousins and my uncle. When my cousin came we both babysat my baby niece, my baby niece is my cousins cousin. It was so fun babysitting her because we got to hold her feed her and look after her. After lunch we all went to our homes and rested until we had to come back to base for the family meeting and the family tree. I came back to New Zealand on the 13th of may.

Thank you for reading my writing of my trip to Tonga, I hope you liked some of the things I did in Tonga with my family. Please give me some feedback on how I should improve my writing. Thank you 😄. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Look who I found!

Bula vinaka bloggers 😄,

 On the 21st of may James Hopkins came to our class room do our cyber smart session. On Wednesday our cyber smart session was Look who I found. Look who I found is when you have to try and find people you know like, your class mates, teacher, family members, and so on. My look who I found was full of people especially my class mates, I found my whole class including myself and my teacher. Here's a screenshot of my completed Look who I found doc. Thank you 😄.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Orchestra trip

Kia ora bloggers,

On the 25th of May our whole school went on a trip to the Youth orchestra at the Mt Albert memorial hall. When the orchestra started a man in a red suit told us about the instrument families. There was the string family, the woodwind family, the brass family, and last of all the percussion family.
My 2 favorite parts were when this Oprah singer was singing a nice Oprah song. My other favorite part is when the pink panther came out and started to mess around.

Thank you for reading my writing on our orchestra trip. Please give me some feedback on how I should improve my work. Thank you.